Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Little Sponges...

Kids are funny. They absorb everything (especially the bad stuff) and put said absorbed info to use at other times when least expecting it. Usually somewhere public FYI. Our Aedhyn-Ann is a little geezer. You really never know what she is going to say. Sometimes it's hilarious, other times, its embarrassing. Most times it's a combination of both.
Since I seem to have trouble coming up with ideas to write about, I will start sharing some funny (and I must warn you, extremely inappropriate) things she has said.

I thought I'd share a particular funny one she said a few weeks back.

Her and I were leaving Wal-Mart and were waiting for our turn to pull out of the parking lot. She was quiet and just along for the ride. After waiting for a few minutes because traffic was heavy, I heard this teeny, cute little voice come from the backseat...." Nice blinker, Asshole".

Yep. That happened. That was the moment I realized I have to stop blaming Mark for all her four letter word slips. I've definitely muttered that phrase once or twice....

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Whats 1 year, 4 months and 9 days between friends?

That's how long its been since I've posted anything on the GD blog. I don't think its a reality that I will be a regular blogger, but I really do enjoy putting my thoughts on paper  a computer screen. I love thinking that maybe a few people are reading them and maybe having a little laugh (either with me or at me...I'm cool with either). Why don't I give a quick little update on all our crazy happenins at the Hardy-Dickie (Come on, I know you giggled at that!) household!

Mark and I are enjoying the summer together so far. Well kind of. We are both working, and have two busy kids and a pretty good social life, but we spend every night after 8 pm together. Usually at least 1 hour a night has been spent on Orange is the New Black. Mark was away working in Fort McMurray all winter this year. From December to the end of March. It was hard. Easily one of the most difficult times in my life. We had a record amount of snowfall this year. This chick (and my awesome teenager) shoveled ourselves our after every single storm. With the exception of some nice neighbours helping us out during the really difficult ones. Looking back on the winter, and remembering how hard it was, the emotion that rings through the loudest is how proud I am of myself, Mark and our girls for not only getting through it, we frickin rocked it! We also had a horrendous flood right smack dab in the middle of the winter. It was a sad day. We lost everything in our basement. But, thanks to my many family members and friends we got through it. I can't thank everyone enough who really supported us during the drilling season. Even though I'm not looking forward to next season, I know that I can do it.

Rhyan begins high school this fall. WHAT? Did I really just say that?
Shes such a light in our lives. She makes us laugh everyday. She also makes me want to pull out my hair (or better yet, hers) daily...but hey, shes a teenager. That's her job.
She finished Junior High with a bang. She was awarded MVP for her volleyball team and Female Athlete of the Year for her whole school! Quite a proud moment, let me tell you. I've watched her work her butt off. She played for a new Volleyball Club this year. She was a member of the Cape Breton Force 16U Volleyball Club. A few weeks into the season, she was asked to play with the older girls, the 18U as well. So she was doing double the practices, tournaments and fundraising for a little while. It was pretty intense and a lot of time but we absolutely loved watching her preform all season and give her best. She kicked ass, ifidontsaysomyself.

Aedhyn-Ann is still the hilarious, devilish little toddler that she always was, but she is getting more and more independent and mature every day. She is forever surprising us with what she understands and says. (ex: asking her babysitter if she has wifi. Say what?) She loves the beach, her trampoline, any and all slides and swings. Aedhyn always looks forward to sleepovers at her Nanny and BB's, she gets to eat treats and stay up late! She also enjoys helping her daddy garden. Weeding, watering, planting. She is still attending day care at a private center and she loves it. Aedhyn will be starting preschool in August! Can't wait to hear her stories when I pick her up from there.

I'm still plugging away at work, loving what I'm doing everyday and constantly learning.

I hope you all are enjoying your summer!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Ahem...anybody out there?

Oh my. Its been quite a long time since I've posted anything. I don't even have a reason because I am on this page at least once a day to get quick access to my favorite blogs. I.Just.Suck. At least I'm being honest and not making up any excuses, right?

So, maybe some quick updates from our Happy Little Home?

Since I've last posted, Mark and I celebrated our 4th wedding Anniversary! Time flies! We didn't do much because for reasons that I've since forgotten, we chose to get married on the 20th of bloody December! Um...hello!?! Christmas Panic mode is in full force then. We were lucky we had time to eat supper together at home never mind going out somewhere. I do love that we had a Christmas Wedding, I really do. I don't need anything fancy to celebrate our Anniversary anyways, it was just as nice to watch a movie on the couch with a fire roaring away. :)

Rhyan is in Club Volleyball mode as we speak. Lots of practices, games, fundraisers and watching our girl kick ass and take names on the court! Shes doing fantastic this year. There is something so rewarding about watching your daughter do something she truly loves and seeing her be her natural self with some of her best friends. I'd drive anywhere and do anything to keep her in this sport. She has made some life long friendships with girls she wouldn't have otherwise even met if it wasn't for Volleyball. She's babysitting all the time, making herself money and hoarding it away in true Rhyan fashion. Not sure where she gets that from. certainly isn't her mother! She's doing great in school and is just making us smile and laugh everyday with her wicked sense of humor and beautiful smile. 14 is just one month away. Gulp. We made it this far...we can do it we can do it we can do it!

Aedhyn-Ann is 2 and full of the devil. You just never know what this kid is going to say or do. She keeps us on our toes (Especially in public). Shes fully potty trained and sleeps in her big girl bed...well, until she wakes up and wants to snuggle in Mommy and Daddy's bed...then its Daddy who sleeps in the big girl bed while Mommy and Aedhyn get comfy in our room. I absolutely love to sleep with her. Its one of my favorite things to do. I loved sleeping with Rhyan too! She and I shared a bed until she was 7 years old! Sure she had her own bed, and would always start the night out there, but she would stumble into my bed by midnight. I know what you're thinking! But I don't care. They are only young once so I'm going to soak it up and milk every last moment I can. Aedhyn-Ann now goes to a private Daycare and she loves it. She is really fitting in there and talks about her friends all the time. Her teacher, Cheryl, is one of the sweetest women I've ever met. Her home is so relaxed and peaceful and I can say with 100% honesty that I'm completely worry free the entire time shes there.

I hope all is well with everyone who stumbles upon my posts and I can't promise I will be back soon, but I can try! :)


Friday, July 27, 2012

30 Day Challenge - Someone I want to give a second chance

Dear Fibre Op (OK, I know its not a person...get off my back)

I woke up this morning and noticed that you some how erased ALL my PVR'd shows that were being stored for a rainy day. Why? Have I done something to hurt you?

One more chance...that's all you get. Do it again, and I'm cancelling your ass.


30 Day Challenge - The last person I kissed

Dear Mark,

"I can't believe we are married". Its true. I know you always think that I'm saying it in a way I don't mean. I really mean that I can't believe that I found someone as sweet and caring as you AND that he lived 5 houses up my street my WHOLE entire life. Thats so bizarre to me! It was meant to be. I can't really remember what life was like before you. Our relationship was fast and intense and fun from the beginning. It didn't take me long to realize it was you that was missing from Rhyan and I's life. You joined our little family and we have been a team of 3 (until Miss A - now it's 4). I wouldn't trade my life for anyone elses. Also, it sure helped that you share a first name with the only celebrity on my "list". I love you.


30 Day Challenge - Someone I judged by my first impression

Dear teenage boy cashier at Wal-Mart,

At first I just assumed you wouldn't affect my cashing out in any kind of way, good or bad, or offer any smiles or small talk. You sure surprised me! You were so friendly and funny.

I think your good natured personality is being wasted.


30 Day Challenge - Someone that broke your heart the hardest

Dear Blank,

You suck.