Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Little Sponges...

Kids are funny. They absorb everything (especially the bad stuff) and put said absorbed info to use at other times when least expecting it. Usually somewhere public FYI. Our Aedhyn-Ann is a little geezer. You really never know what she is going to say. Sometimes it's hilarious, other times, its embarrassing. Most times it's a combination of both.
Since I seem to have trouble coming up with ideas to write about, I will start sharing some funny (and I must warn you, extremely inappropriate) things she has said.

I thought I'd share a particular funny one she said a few weeks back.

Her and I were leaving Wal-Mart and were waiting for our turn to pull out of the parking lot. She was quiet and just along for the ride. After waiting for a few minutes because traffic was heavy, I heard this teeny, cute little voice come from the backseat...." Nice blinker, Asshole".

Yep. That happened. That was the moment I realized I have to stop blaming Mark for all her four letter word slips. I've definitely muttered that phrase once or twice....

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